Timely and efficient collection of receivables is essential to your business's financial health, but navigating the increasing number of payment options can be overwhelming. Your customers expect to have flexible payment options, so your business must accept multiple payment types including check, ACH, wire and card. Whether you receive payments from business partners, merchants, customers, or all of the above, GBC's receivables solutions can help you reduce payment processing costs, improve efficiency and receive funds more quickly.

Cash Services

Cash Vault services can provide several benefits for businesses, particularly those dealing with significant cash transactions.

Lockbox Services
Streamline and expedite payment collections and processing with GBC Lockbox Services, a flexible and efficient receivables deposit solution.

Merchant Services
Improves cash flow, reduce billing expenses, and streamlines your overall payment and billing process.

Remote Deposit Solutions

  • Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)
    Scan and deposit checks from the convenience of your office with Remote Deposit Capture (RDC).

  • Mobile Deposit
    Make check deposits using your smart phone and GBC's Business Direct Mobile Deposit app.

Zelle for Business
Zelle® is a convenient way for your small business to send and receive money with Zelle®. Use Zelle® to accept payments from your customers or pay an eligible vendor, supplier or employee.

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