Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination

Reduce or eliminate check writing and invoice preparation with scheduled payments to and from vendors, employees, customers and subscribers. ACH is a fast, convenient and cost-effective payment method that can reduce fraud and improve cash flow forecasting. Better information means less idle cash and more investment opportunities.

Features and Benefits

  • Manage payables and collections efficiently
  • Streamline reconcilement processes
  • Improve daily cash positioning and forecasting
  • Reduce remittance processing costs
  • Same Day ACH available for faster payments without the expense of wire transfers
  • GBC Business Direct supports one-time and recurring payments
  • ACH File Upload of NACHA formatted files

ACH Collections

Quickly and efficiently collect funds electronically and reduce the risk associated with traditional check deposits

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce expense with more cost-effective electronic funds collections
  • Schedule deposits for more accurate cash flow forecasting in making investment and borrowing decisions
  • Collect recurring payments quickly and efficiently
  • Preauthorized debits help reduce returned payments and posting errors associated with checks
  • Same Day ACH available for even faster collections

ACH Payments

By using ACH Payments, you can automate manual processes to make payments quickly and efficiently while reducing operational risk.

Features and Benefits

  • Make tax and vendor payments quickly and efficiently
  • Assure on-time disbursement of payroll to employees regardless of geography
  • Reduce risk of check fraud
  • Decrease payment processing times and expense
  • Faster payments mean less idle cash and more funds for daily operations

ACH Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay from GBC protects your business from unauthorized incoming ACH debit transactions which can lead to potential payments fraud. With GBC Business Direct, you can approve or decline ACH debit transactions and receive alerts on our Business Direct Mobile app.

Features and Benefits

  • Only transactions from preauthorized ACH originators are automatically accepted
  • Create payment rules so that transactions not meeting your criteria are available online for your review
  • Establish alerts to receive automated exception notifications

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