Guerry Norwood
Buckhead Retail Market Leader

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Guerry Norwood | Buckhead Retail Market Leader | Bold Banker

Guerry Norwood is the Retail Market Leader for GBC's Buckhead Branch and has over 10 years in the banking industry, serving both small business clients and consumer clients. As a trusted advisor, Guerry is dedicated to helping GBC clients achieve their financial goals.


Guerry Norwood
Buckhead Retail Market Leader

Service | Expertise | Relationships

1. What do you love most about being a Retail Market Leader? Working with my team to share the GBC story and seeing the positive impact it has on not only our customer's financial goals but also the communities where they work and live.

2. Why is service such an important aspect of your role at GBC? In general, most banks offer similar products. Here at GBC, I believe our service standards set us apart from other financial institutions. Our goal in every interaction with a customer is for them to walk away feeling like we went above and beyond what was expected. People remember being treated with excellent service and want that experience again. The more great service we provide, the more customer loyalty we will build.

3. How do expertise and continuous learning help your customers achieve success? Customers rely on us as Bankers to help guide them in their financial journey. By continuing to learn and better understand the ever-changing economic environment, we can be an expert resource for our customers when they are making financial decisions. Our expertise allows us to tell a customer "what" we are recommending and the "why" behind the recommendations.

4. What about building relationships that helps your customers with their banking needs? To us, customers aren't just transactions; they are valuable relationships. Customers know us, know our names, and know that they can call us directly, and we will be here to assist in any way we can. I truly believe it is through building these relationships that we earn the long-term trust of our customers.

5. What has your banking experience taught you the most? / OR what's your most significant piece of advice? Always treat other people the way you would want to be treated.

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