A Day at Trees Atlanta

Max Henry, GBC Summer Intern

At Georgia Banking Company (GBC), we are more than just a bank. We are a committed partner of the community. That means acting locally and leaving a positive impact on communities throughout Atlanta. Last week, my fellow interns, as well as other GBC staff, and I got to experience this positive impact by volunteering at Trees Atlanta. GBC, being one of Trees Atlanta's sponsors, went to their facility to help and learn about what they do and how much they have benefited the community.

Since its founding in 1985, Trees Atlanta has been dedicated to mitigating tree loss, safeguarding forests, and expanding the city's tree canopy. With the support of a passionate volunteer community, Trees Atlanta has become a prominent and well-loved non-profit organization in Atlanta. In 2023, they finished construction and moved into a new facility. The new facility is headquartered in southwest Atlanta, Georgia, in the Oakland City neighborhood. If you want to get involved, Trees Atlanta has a wide range of volunteer and educational events, including weekly volunteer opportunities. Trees Atlanta also offers a Junior Tree Keeper Summer Camp for youth in grades 1 to 6 to explore their natural world and learn about the importance of urban forests. On top of that, if you are looking for a way to be involved but don't want to volunteer, they take donations.

As I mentioned, the other summer interns and I got to go to the Trees Atlanta facility and experience their great work there. The facility is vastly beautiful, with many flourishing plants surrounding the grounds. Our group was tasked with clearing out invasive plants around the compound and throwing them out. Doing this created space for the other plants to thrive without interference. It also gave the Trees Atlanta staff and volunteers space to plant new plants. Our group leader, Kelly, was very helpful and made sure we knew what plants to pull and not pull. It was just a good time helping and just hanging out as well. It was also fun learning about the different plants around the area and all the projects they have done around Atlanta to better the environment and the community. Overall, it was a great experience and opportunity to represent what GBC stands for in the community.

GBC is more than just a financial institution; it is a place where community matters. So, anytime an opportunity arises to serve the community, GBC encourages all employees to take it. GBC remains committed to nurturing connections, promoting collaboration, and magnifying the positive influence of organizations such as Trees Atlanta. Together, we can create a more dynamic and thriving community for everyone. #TreesAtlanta #GBCCares #community

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